M.Ed (Master Of Education)

MEd or Master of Education is a master degree course that deals with the study of new methods of teaching and educational research. The programme focuses on different aspects of education including instruction, curriculum, counselling, leadership, and educational technology. The regulatory body in charge of the MEd programme is the National Council of Higher Education (NCHE).

MEd is of two years duration divided into four semesters. However, some universities/ colleges also offer a one-year duration MEd programme. The course is offered in various subjects and specialisations.

Candidates can pursue MEd in distance education and regular mode. After the completion of the MEd course, candidates can choose to work not only as teachers but also as counsellors, administrators, headmasters, etc.
A degree in Master of Education opens up ample career opportunities for students in the fields of teaching and education. A postgraduate in MEd can find promising jobs at places such as education consultancies, publishing houses, schools, colleges, coaching centres, research and development agencies, and so on.
Check out some of the popular MEd job profiles below:

Teacher: A teacher teaches students in the classroom of a school. However, apart from that a teacher also serves many other responsibilities such as preparing lesson plans, marking work and giving proper feedback to students. A teacher sometimes also research new topic areas and devise new curriculum material.

Soft Skills Trainer: A soft skills trainer is responsible for delivering engaging as well as challenging workshops and seminars to the target audience. A soft skills trainer selects appropriate learning material for instructional purposes, monitors the effectiveness of training material, and also assesses the strengths and weaknesses of individuals to adjust the training as per requirement.

Career Counsellor: A career counsellor counsels students regarding different educational issues such as course and career selection, study habits, career planning, and class schedule. A counsellor also helps in the overall social/ emotional development of students.

Principal/ Head Master: A principal (sometimes also referred to as headmaster) has the responsibilities of supervising the staff, building relationships with students, performing different administrative duties and monitoring the school’s disciplinary codes.

Home Tutor: A home tutor is a person who offers personalised teaching services to students at their homes. A home tutor schedules tutoring appointments with students or their parents, monitors student performance and assists students in achieving better results in different subjects.

Online Tutor: As the name suggests, an online tutor provides teaching services to students in online mode through online discussion forums, video chats, etc. Major responsibilities of an online tutor include setting rules for online behaviour, helping students with the study of their weak subjects/ areas, and acting as a point of contact for student queries.

Instructional Technologist: An instructional technologist helps in improving technology integration in schools. In this capacity, an instructional technologist leads training seminars to help teachers meet certain technical standards, develops curriculum, design web-based learning tools, and conduct research.

Educational Administrator: A candidate with an MEd degree in educational administration has major responsibilities of developing advanced skills in curriculum design, teaching strategies, school finance, etc. An educational administrator establishes school policies, manages staff, and administers school funding. An educational administrator typically works in a K-12 setting.

Curriculum Developer: A curriculum developer is a professional who works with teachers to order books and other teaching material for instructional use and observes teachers make recommendations that could result in better student performance. A curriculum developer is also sometimes involved in the training of teachers.


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